Replicate Your Voice.


Watch how the Mokri Speaker Replication API lets the President narrate the tremendous new mobile game Trump vs Everybody.   

How it works


Download the Mokri Voice Replication API.

Choose which voice you want to replicate.

Obtain 20 minutes of audio and input

to the API.

Synthesized voice is created by the API and is ready for use!



Use more voices

Expand the number of possible voices for your technology using Mokri Speaker Replication. Create a personalized experience for your users, allowing them to use their own voice, the voices of loved ones, or celebrity voices. The Mokri API helps achieve this quickly and accurately. 

Save more voices

Give voices to those who don't have them, or preserve voices for those who might lose them in the future with Mokri Speaker Replication. This API to generates accurate synthesis of voices more quickly and accurately enabling faster use.

Trump vs Everybody

Experience this API put to commercial use! Love playing Cards Against Humanity? Wish you could change the voices the cards were read in? Find political humor amusing? The Mokri API helped create next best mobile game! Look out for the Trump vs Everybody launch soon.