Identify Your Speaker.



See the Mokri Speaker Identification API enroll a user,
correctly identify a voice, and accurately reject a fraudster. 


Fast enrollment, Fast verification

Mokri Speaker Identification API only requires 60 seconds of audio to create the initial voice biometric. After enrollment, only 10 seconds of audio are required for accurate verification. 

Context, Language, Dialect Independent

The voice biometric is context, language, and dialect independent as features of the voice are analyzed, not specific words. Due to this context independence, any words can be used for both enrollment and verification.

Continuously Improving

The more the identification  algorithms are used, the stronger the biometrics become. This in turn creates more accurate verification and correct rejection of fraudsters.



Improve your current voice biometric security system or add another layer of security to your device or product by integrating Mokri Speaker Identification. This API immediately enables correct analysis of every enrolled voice and ensure acceptance of valid users and correct rejection of fraudsters. 

Personalized Experience

Personalize your application or device to automatically recognize individuals and provide them with individuated experience and user interface with Mokri Speaker Identification. Integrating the API ensures quick, easy, and accurate identification and personalization for any platform.