Clean Your Audio.


Listen to the Mokri Active Noise Cancellation API remove background street noise from this audio clip.   


Active Noise Cancellation

The noise profile for every audio clip is created by analyzing voice features. Subsequently, all non-human noises are removed from the audio; there is no bias toward one type of noise. 

Customizable Settings

The level of cleaning can be customized to suit each specific use case. The API makes it easy to control whether some background noise remains or all background noise is eliminated.

Integrate Anywhere

This API is hardware independent. It works with any audio stream and can be integrated into the cloud, on individual servers, on devices, or on either end of communications. 



Real Time Processing

Improve the quality of your audio in real time by reducing the background noise. Integrate the Mokri API on the Cloud, the server, or on individual devices to aid in communication or real time translation of audio. 

Post Processing

Immediately improve the audio quality after recording by integrating the Mokri API into your post processing system. Quickly and easily remove all non-human background noise and eliminate the need to rerecord the audio.